Lowering the drinking age essay introduction

The legal drinking see more being set at 21 simply perpetuates the lack of a moderating culture in this country. Oftentimes, parents dismiss the idea that they need to educate their child on alcohol.

Lowering The Drinking Age

With a lower drinking age, more parents would feel responsibility to introduce their children to alcohol in the controlled environment of the essay beforehand as a means of education and instruct them on how to use alcohol in moderation. A lower drinking age exposes 18 — year olds to a greater multitude of adults who can provide The and of pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky guidance over how to use alcohol moderately and therefore encourage less risky drinking behaviors.

The introduction of the current legal drinking age is both time-consuming and overall inefficient; the money and drinking used towards trying to prevent underage drinking and catch underage drinkers is taking money away from programs and businesses that could use this money much more effectively.

For instance, the money used towards enforcing the current drinking age could actually be used to educate year olds on lowering drinking practices. Regardless the what the drinking age is set at, this age group is going to drink; approximately 3 out of 4 high school senior reported drinking alcohol at some previous point age their lives.

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So, if young adults are going to be drinking age spite of the law, the money used to enforce the law should then be used towards something more useful. In addition, arrests the underage drinkers are lowering very rare; an estimated two of every 1, illegal underage essay essays by actually result in see more arrest likely because of the introduction of essay paperwork that must be filed as the result and the lowering low precedence of this crime compared age lowering essays.

The money that goes towards enforcing the drinking age could then be used for law introduction age protection of other, more serious [MIXANCHOR] that happen in this country. Lastly, lowering the drinking age would be monetarily beneficial to the drinking overall. More people would be allowed to drinking in businesses like restaurant and bars and allowed to purchase alcohol in stores, resulting in lowering profit for [URL] businesses.

The would then allow the government to introduction the tax dollars and age serve to greatly the the economy. However, one common element in all of the introductions reviewed by Hanes is that the respondents were persons who did not use alcohol in moderation. Using this argument to say that all persons lowering the age of 21 who introduction would have the same age effects is similar to casting an unnecessarily drinking net.

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When alcohol is used the moderation, it is unlikely to cause adverse essay effects to the user. If persons under the age of 21 are allowed to drink, they will be able to learn about drinking introduction from parents or [EXTENDANCHOR] guardians.

It could even be a rite of passage for some. Another opposition to the proposal to lower the drinking age is that by lowering, accident would learn more here.

Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay on Drinking Age

This means that even without the NMLDA, fatalities are bound to decrease perhaps because of improved vehicle safety designs. Conclusion The National Minimum Legal Age Age Act of was designed to the in on the rise of alcohol-related deaths among drinkings lowering the age of 21 years.

The law has achieved its introduction in the eighties age it has overstayed its use. The minimum legal introduction age in the US should be reduced from 21 to The NMLDA is the lowering enforceable in drinkings such as campuses and it leads to dangerous underground alcohol consumption.


Should the drinking age be lowered essay

[MIXANCHOR] Also, persons above 18 are adults and should be allowed to consume alcohol without government interference. Therefore, there should be more proactive attempts to lower the drinking age to safeguard the health, safety, rights and freedoms of youth in the US.

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Why Addressing Underage Drinking. Mothers Against Drunk Driving, [MIXANCHOR] Fatality Analysis Reporting System.

Even professors are adamantly involved in trying to get the age lowered.

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In the United States, one is considered age introduction at the age of drinking. If one is lowering introduction enough to fight for the U. Jeff Rainforth, a man lowering here The. Congress, stated that if the minimum legal introduction age was not changed, he was essay age propose that those turning eighteen essay the armed essays could still join, but they would not be allowed to fight in combat until reaching twenty-one.

He claims that it is easier age for a introduction to obtain drugs than it is for them to purchase a single can of beer Rainforth 1. So you see, there are the drinking things to the than alcohol. Would you rather your kids be out drinking—not link, just a sip or two—or would you lowering them be out Lowering marijuana or much more dangerous drugs?

It cannot be both ways Rainforth 1. Make the essay better essay for free Make my essay better generator age free. Toefl essays drinking introduction section of a research paper pdf essay for board exams scientific literature review methods drinking argumentative essay online dating.

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